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Honored at all participating Resorts World Manila outlets, including: Dining & Shopping outlets Show & Movie tickets Maxims, Marriott and Remington Hotel bookings

Available in the following denominations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Purchase?

Available for purchase at RWM Membership Retail and Redemption. You can also purchase online using your Genting Points and your credit card.

Available Denominations

RWM Gift Card may be purchased in denominations of PHP1,000, PHP3,000, PHP5,000 and PHP10,000.

Honoring RWM Gift Card

Guests must present the RWM Gift Card at participating outlets before honoring the transaction. No RWM Gift Card, no transaction.

RWM Gift Card Expiration

Card expiration is three (3) years. Once the card is expired, the cardholder should proceed to the Retail and Redemption Counter. Any remaining amount as of the expiration date will be reactivated to the new RWM Gift Card.

Determining Available Balance

Guest can confirm the card’s balance through the i-kiosk, Membership online portal, or RWM POS terminals at participating merchants.

Adding Credits

RWM Gift Card is reloadable with a minimum reload denomination of PHP1,000.

Multiple Forms of Payment

If the RWM Gift Card available balance is not enough to cover the entire amount of the purchase, guest can use another form of payment to complete the transaction. The guest should inform the cashier how much is the available amount from the RWM Gift Card and settle the remaining amount of purchase with other payment method(s). Use of multiple RWM Gift Cards is allowed in a single transaction.

Maxims Points (MP) Earning

Members will earn MP upon purchase of RWM Gift Card using GP, MP, or cash. MP will be credited to Member’s permanent card upon purchase. Only members who presented their membership card will be awarded with MP.

Lost or Stolen RWM Gift Card

Lost or stolen card is non-replaceable & non-convertible to cash.

Limitation on Use

RWM Gift Card Credits cannot be used on the following occasions:
  • To avail Casino-subsidized promotions.
  • To make advance hotel reservations but RWM Gift Card may be used for final settlement.
  • To close pre-authorized transactions where the actual amount of transaction is unknown at the time that the card is authorized for use.


  • RWM or Merchant’s promotional offers are at the sole discretion of the participating outlet and are subject to RWM or Merchant’s own terms and conditions.
  • Resorts World may at any time, without notice, revise, enhance, modify and or alter any of the terms and conditions.
  • Merchants listed herein are accurate as of March 2018. Please inquire directly at the participating outlets before making a transaction with your RWM membership card. Terms and conditions apply.