From the upscale Asian lodging brand of the Genting Group, Maxims Hotel is the all-suite luxury hotel in the Philippines, setting the benchmark for high-end accommodations in the country. Catering to guests with the most discerning tastes, this first-class city retreat is equipped with 172 spacious and lavishly-furnished suites. 
Complementing the plush amenities is its impeccable, personalized service. Each room is assigned a butler to attend to the guests’ every need, from their itinerary to dining reservations, 24 hours a day. 
For VVIPs, there are three royal villas available. A Maxims Hotel Villa offers over 500 square meters of personal leisure space, with a magnificent pool, impressive patio, and an elegant kitchen and dining room for you to hold your intimate dinners. Adding to its enticing indulgences, each Maxims Hotel Villa has its own massage room, offering a relaxing respite to hotel guests.
The pinnacle of luxury at Maxims Hotel is its The Mansion. This 652 square-meter suite is a veritable urban oasis with two pavilions, its own lush garden and a private swimming pool. Only the choicest amenities ensure utmost comfort in its two spacious bedrooms with individual bathrooms, and the master bathroom with its own jacuzzi. The Mansion is the ultimate luxurious escape, with its private massage room, visual room, bar and other top-of-the-line features that will surely make your stay a one-of-a-kind experience.
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Rooms and Rates

Maxims Villa

Escape to a Villa, your own private paradise in the heart of the city. Each of the three lovely villas offer 540 square meters of personal space with superb amenities such as two luxurious

Signature Suite

The 149 square-meter Signature Suite offers more room for a truly unforgettable stay at Maxims Hotel. Settle down in the regal king

Maxims Deluxe Suite

With a contemporary red and gold interior, the 72 square-meter Deluxe Suite offers unrivaled sophistication and comfort.  The Deluxe Suite boasts of comfortable twin bed and an ensuite

Corner Suite

The Corner Suite is replete with plush amenities fit for a luxurious escape. Smoking rooms available.


Ambassador Suite

Let the 167 square-meter spacious and indulgent Ambassador Suite spoil you in more ways than one. This one-bedroom suite has a separate living room, dining room and bar, made more

Executive Suite

Mix business with pleasure in one of our Executive Suites. The contemporary master bedroom is complemented by a separate living room and the technology you need to constantly stay on top

Maxims Suite

Maxims Suite defines sophistication and comfort with its luxurious amenities and modern conveniences. Minute details, such as universal electrical outlets and electronic trash bins, are taken

The Mansion

At 652 square-meters, The Mansion is the pinnacle of luxurious living. Two grand, tastefully furnished bedrooms with spacious wardrobes,